Are you a Single Mom with a desire to connect with other Moms going through the same struggles as you? 

Being alone is hard, but you can join with other’s who share some of the same day-to-day struggles. 

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Initially, we seek two main groups of women to launch the Care Group model in a given area.


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The Caring People have partnered with Moody Missions to support over 25 Care Groups in Santa Ana El Salvador.  

Annually, TCP coordinates and sends a team to partner there with Moody Missions in reaching out to Single Moms.  

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    Branson Workshop Training

    Join us Saturday, September 12, 2015  for the TCP Workshop at First Presbyterian Church in Branson, Mo., as we equip Caring Women in learning about our model of reaching out to hurting Single Moms and their children.

    Come and learn how you can get involved in this growing hidden mission field.

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Happy Father's Day, Mom

Happy Father’s Day, Mom

To all those Single Moms who have to be both mom and dad, we’re thinking about you today.

You have to be strong and soft at the same time. You don’t get a break. You tackle both parental roles daily and strive to find a balance.