Who Are the Caring People?  Why We Exist…

The Caring People provide a platform whereby Single Moms and their children can be impacted with the love of Jesus. Specifically, we  train and equip Caring Women and the Church  in mentoring Single Moms in small group settings …called Care Groups. Outcomes result in healthier families spiritually, physically, and emotionally. When you change the life of a Single Mom; you change her children’s lives as well.  We’ve seen restoration and hearts healed from the difficult circumstances many Single Moms experience. The ultimate goal is to disciple Single Moms where they in turn bring other Single Moms to a relationship with the Lord.  Currently, over 150 volunteers host and facilitate Care Groups ( our model) throughout the Midwest, and internationally in El Salvador.  The corporate office is located in Branson, Missouri and employs 3 full time, and 1 part time employee. We exist because one-fourth of households in America are headed by a Single Mom and that number continues to escalate. Globally the number continues to rise as well. Breaking down the barriers that keep Single Moms from having a relationship with Jesus is the focus of our mission.  In order to do that, we learned that it takes trust, true friendship and willing partners in reaching this hidden mission field!

workshop training

We bring:

  • The Vision and Passion to Reach Single Moms
  • Knowledge of How To Attract Single Moms To A Care Group Setting
  • Knowledge of Care Group Structure, Culture Setting and Management
  • Recommended Resources for Volunteer Leadership
  • Seasoned and Passionate Leadership
  • Prayer Strategy for the Work 
  • Committed Partnership so the lives of Single Moms and their children can be impacted greatly