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Dianne Ely

Volunteer Region Chairman

Some say it was a fluke a others say it was God that brought Dianne Ely together with JoDee Herschend.  Dianne was chairman of her church's outreach dinner targeted to people without a church home.  JoDee had a church home, but she wanted to hear the guest evangelist speak. It was meant to be, JoDee met Dianne and Dianne met the Caring People.

Immediately, Dianne caught the vision for the pioneering ministry to Single Moms. Months later, Dianne's daughter became a Single Mom.  "My daughter isn't the reason I got involved with the Caring People, but her experience has given me a deeper understanding of what Single Moms deal with and greater compassion for the difficult position they are in.  While my daughter and my grandsons strengthen my desire to help, my true passion for the Caring People is my passion for Jesus.  Single Moms and their children are a large, deserving mission field, and they are mostly overlooked by the church."