Three Steps to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

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A new season of life is beginning. A new school year is approaching and your kiddo is headed to Kindergarten. You’re not sure who’s more scared – you or them.

Change can be frightening for your children. There are a lot of “firsts” when it comes to Kindergarten: Riding a bus, making new friends, carrying a backpack, meeting new teachers, etc. However, that change will get easier for them to embrace.

You will both wipe your eyes after the first day and breathe a little easier, knowing everything is going to be just fine.

Here are three suggestions to help prepare your child for Kindergarten:

1) Visit the school

Many schools have open houses that provide the opportunity to meet teachers and tour the school prior to opening day. Make every effort to attend this, as it will be comforting to you both. If you find you won’t be able to make it, attempt to schedule another time for a visit. This will make a huge difference in his/her comfort level as they approach this big step.

Visit the classroom, cafeteria, bathroom, etc. Reassure them, though it may a big place, it’s going to be an amazing adventure for them. Encourage them to ask their new teacher questions about the upcoming year.

2) Discuss their fears

Fears are normal for your child. Yes, your fears are normal too. A new classroom. New environment. Climbing on a big yellow bus they’re not familiar with. Validate their fears and reassure them everything will be fine. Remind them if they get on the wrong bus, someone will help them find the right one. Reassure them the administrative staff has all the information they need to get a hold of you in case of an emergency. Encourage them that they will make friends and have nothing to fear.

3) Talk about the fun things

Kindergarten is going to be a blast! Your child is on a new journey full of adventures. Remind them that the fun is just beginning. List the things they’ll get to do in school each day. They’ll be games while they learn. Share some of your Kindergarten memories with them. (The good ones of course.) Don’t forget to mention recess – that will get them out of bed quicker in the mornings. Get excited with them!

This is a big step for you too, Moms, we know. Here’s a tissue to dry your excited, scared, sad eyes. You’re on a new adventure, too. Embrace the change. You won’t regret it.

If you don’t have a support group to help you embrace this new change, consider joining a Care Group in your area. Remember, you don’t have to do life alone.

If your child going to Kindergarten this year? Are you a Single Mom who may have advice for other moms sending their kids to school for the first time? Join the conversation and leave your comment below..