Mama Durant Shines!

The Caring PeopleInspiration, Mother's Day event

May 12, 2017 – Branson, Mo. Wanda Durant came to town and announced to everyone she represented the “harvest.”   Indeed, the prayers of her grandmother and mom helped her to establish a solid platform she could depend on, even when the times got tough raising two boys alone.  “Never quit”, was a reoccuring theme in her keynote address May 12th at the annual Honoring our Mothers dinner.  Wanda captivated the audience with her warm personal style, and engaging conversational style talk.  

The packed house on hand rewarded her with both a standing ovation, and an  hour long autograph line afterwards.  She ended the evening by answering a handful of questions from the crowd. Most on hand wanted to know the in’s and out of her eldest son,  Kevin Durant’s famous career as an NBA superstar. Ms. Wanda didn’t disappoint being both gracious and factual with  her side of the story.  Truly, both her sons were raised to believe she was “THE RULER” and they are better off for it.  Thank you Ms. Durant for a super evening.  We applaud your strength. Your talk was inspiring to all those in attendance.  Honoring Our Mothers is an annual fundraiser celebrating remarkable women from all walks of life.