Over 80 Women Celebrated for Mother’s Day

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It was a memorable day for women and Single Moms on Saturday, May 10th.

We were honored to partner with Jesus Was Homeless in Branson, MO to celebrate Mother’s Day, pampering beautiful women with pedicures, manicures, haircuts, lunch, and a wide variety of gifts.

While women waited to be spoiled for their special day, volunteers gave shoulder massages and created memorable conversations.

Each guest was presented with a flower upon entrance to the event, served with hors d’oeuvres, and greeted with smiles from those waiting to serve.

Barbara, a single mother of four children, said as she received her manicure, “This is so nice. I’ve never experienced anything this nice.”

BarbaraIt was an amazing experience to see little things, such as nail polish, brighten up the smiles of women. Many Single Moms walked in with tired eyes and aching backs, from working multiple jobs to care for their children.

They walked out with their heads held high, a flower in their hand, and some much needed confidence that they were indeed beautiful and loved by God.

We look forward to serving these women, and more, again next year.