How one Single Mom Found Her Superhero and Her Son Found a Dad

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Were you ever the last one to be picked for the team at the neighborhood ball game growing up?

I have to believe, that’s how Single Moms feel, along with their children – picked last or left out altogether.


You can give Single Moms hope for life by introducing them to Jesus.

There are two promises in the Bible that speak to this directly.

You’re familiar with the first… God will be “A father to the fatherless.” (Psalms 68:5) Salisa, one of our former Single Moms, rested on this promise during her 6 years in a Care Group.

Over a latte one afternoon Salisa shared with us how much she grew in her Care Group. She unraveled some of the destructive behavior in her past. She was particularly frustrated with dating and her choices.

“I gave God dating. I couldn’t do it anymore. Obviously, what I was doing was wrong. I kept dating losers. I couldn’t find a guy who knew how to treat me, or my son well. When I met Nathan at church, I didn’t know anything about him. So Jill, my Care Group leader, found out what she could about him. (laughter ensues) Later, Nathan introduced himself after Singles on Sunday morning.We talked for an hour. We hit it off during church events and other things we served at.

I knew… I wanted to do this right. I wanted a Godly man in my life. God is already his father and that’s what I told my son. I wanted a good father for my son… you know, in the physical sense.

I tried to run a couple times. I was so nervous. I didn’t want to rush things. Once Nathan realized why I was scared, things were OK.

At my wedding to Nathan, my Care Group leader’s husband walked me down the aisle. I asked him to give me away. When it came time for the part… who gives this bride, my Care Group stood up and said… WE DO.

My Care Group well… they were my family, my friends, my support group. Even after I got married, I went for a time. I have a special connection with them.”

What a story! You can see, her Care Group was her family and stood by her side at the most important time of her life. What a precious picture of hope and restoration.

When you place Single Moms with strong, caring, compassionate women and other Single Moms, you create “family”.

That fulfills a second promise I spoke of earlier.

“He places the lonely in families…” (Psalms 68:6)

For every restored Single Mom there are those who never break the cycle of destructive relationships, abuse or just dumb mistakes.

There is hope in Jesus! In Salisa’s own words….

“You’re probably wondering how I have found peace, hope and love through all my struggles. The answer is through Christ. I strive to walk daily with Christ, and there was a lot of baggage I was carrying with me daily that I just got so tired of carrying around. I asked God to help me through it all. ”

Thank you for your support! Please pray about helping us open more Care Groups. We know you want to help provide healing and hope for Single Moms and their children. It’s just that important.