The Caring People Featured in the Branson Tri-Lakes News

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We’re honored to be featured in a recent edition of the Branson Tri-Lakes News, celebrating the opening of a new Care Group in Branson.

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The Care Group will met from 10:30 am. to noon every Monday at the Branson United Methodist Church.

Leaders Susie Link and Sally LeBoeuf are excited to minister to Single Moms in the new group.

“The weekly group is set up so there is time for fellowship and friendship with other Single Moms, learning and laughter, as well as prayer time in a loving, caring and non-judgmental atmosphere,” Link said.

The goals of the group are: 

* To help Single Moms feel they are not alone in the world
* To give them the opportunity to form connections and bond with other Single Moms who are going through similar experiences.
* To give them a chance to learn life and communication skills that will help them improve their lives
* To guide them in being better moms, by learning to deal with the stresses that Single Moms face
* To introduce them to other Single Moms who have “been there” and emerged on the other side better than ever
* To help them learn to better love and accept themselves
* To give them the gift o fa free meal and free child care
* To help them form a closer and deeper relationship with God

For more information, contact Susie at 417.779.5519 or email Sally at [email protected]

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