Year end giving

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Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t always the easiest for Single Moms and their children. Their are so many struggles a Single Mom must endure at Christmas all with a smile on her face, and in her voice.  No mom wants to disappoint her children at Christmas. Already this Christmas many of the Single Moms we care for have been blessed by special gifts, and events throughout our TCP chapters. Thank you to all those who are helping to make a difference in the life of a Single Moms.  Year end giving is particularly important as we seek to fill in the gaps for so many moms this time of year. Help us reach more in 2017. EVERY GIFT COUNTS, most  gifts are tax deductible.  Please call our office at 877-CARE-525  should you have any questions regarding gifts of stock, online giving, volunteering your time, or providing a gift in kind.  Merry Christmas.