Bravo Mr. Pitts!

The Caring PeopleEvents

Keynote speaker, noted journalist, Byron Pitts lifted the spirits of everyone in the 400+ crowd, Friday, May 4th at Honoring Our Mothers, however, the Single Moms in attendance were impacted most directly when he proclaimed to them … “You are enough.” His words resonated with the entire crowd; evidenced by a line of appreciation for autographs and pictures after the dinner. Mr. Pitts showed an appreciation and understanding of his audience – encouraging and motivating those of privilege to “do more, do something.” To those of lesser fortunes, the “children of the storm”, he challenged them to “be engaged, be authentic.” Share with others who struggle, “you can make it too, because I made it.” Byron shared many stories from his book, Step Out On Nothing, which detailed his childhood struggles, and the bolstering faith and life of his mom, Clarice Pitts, a Single Mom. Byron shared with the crowd, “the work of the Caring People” is truly American, and for those of faith, quoting Luke 12:48.. “for whom much is given, much is required.” The event, held annually in May, raised nearly $188,000 for the Caring People and will be used to establish new Care Groups for Single Moms across the Midwest.

To learn more about starting a Care Group, or volunteering, contact [email protected] Thank you Mr. Pitts…BRAVO! #byronpitts