Care Groups for Single Moms

Our primary method of serving Single Moms starts with CARE GROUPS. 

Are you a Single Mom with a desire to connect with other Moms going through some of the same struggles as you? Being alone is hard, but you can join with other’s who share some of the same day-to-day struggles. That’s why we’ve created Care Groups. Call us today at 877.CARE.525 to find a Care Group near you. We provide a meal / snack and childcare ages 4-12, during Care Group. 

Today, there are over 30 locations in 4 states.  Connect with us to learn how you can get involved.

Find A Care Group

Our Care Groups for Single Moms are meeting weekly, primarily, in 4 states: Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Ohio. 

We continue to add locations.  Check with us to see if there is a new group launching in your area soon. Childcare & a meal are provided – typically.   

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Start A Care Group

Are you a Christian woman desiring to make a difference in the life of a Single Mom? 

We are currently looking for volunteers to serve in a variety of ways.  Be sure and check out our workshop calendar to see when we might be hosting our next equipping workshop helping you get started in mentoring Single Moms. 

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